Do You Need Money To Make More Money?

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Is it really true that you need money to make more money?

In today’s episode of the In Her Financial Shoes podcast we are exploring this very topic of whether you need money to make more money. We are going to debunk this myth and instead I am going to show you what you do actually need to increase your wealth.

Money is more accessible than it has ever been so it is the ideal time to make more money and grow your money. There are some key things that do need in order to make more money. Listen in as we dig deeper and get your stepping into your new position as a wealthy woman.

Do You Need Money To Make More Money?

In this episode:

  • Investments that you do need in your business
  • The money blocks and beliefs around this
  • What do you need in your business to make more money
  • Why qualifications are not as important as you may think


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan