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Helping one million women
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Become Financially Resilient

Helping one million women
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Become Financially Resilient

What's your money storytype?

Discover your Money StoryType™ to unlock greater insight into how to manage, make and hold more money based on your relationship with money

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We help women make and hold onto more money emotionally & practically

I am here to normalise wealth for women, create safe spaces for deep conversations and greater justice for women.

As a Financial Adviser of 20 years, I use my experience of the practical knowledge needed to build wealth, business skills to make money and my expertise in money healing modalities, to help you heal money trauma and money blocks holding you back from claiming a life of abundance and wealth.

I am on a mission to help one million of us become financially resilient, so together we can create a world that’s full of safe, healthy, wealthy women who aren’t afraid to trust their intuition and follow their bliss.

Come as you are. We will hold a space for you to be heard.

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“The Relationship We Have With MONEY
Is A Mirror Reflection Of The Relationship We Have With OURSELVES”

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It’s Not About the Money

A Trauma-Informed Approach To Money

Discover the 3 Steps to Become a Wealthy Woman by navigating through the pain and shame of Financial Insecurity towards the ease and confidence of Financial Freedom. Along the way, you’ll heal your financial trauma and wrangle the emotions of money.


“Money can be a difficult topic to discuss and something people usually feel embarrassed by. YOU CHANGE THAT FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME. You don’t judge. You just listen and support in any way you can. I know you truly want the best for me which is so lovely”.


IT’S not

With Catherine Morgan

The podcast that helps you deserve, create & grow wealth

“I am astonished at my transformation. My aim was to have awareness, be proactive & in command with money.”