How Can I Be Enough?

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On this week’s episode of the In Her Financial Shoes podcast, I am joined by Ted Wilmont.

Ted is an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. With 15 years experience, Ted is also a mentor to practitioners to help them integrate these powerful modalities into their own communities.

After qualifying in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, we are seeing these modalities in action in our own community and the transformations taking place are extraordinary. 

This week we are exploring the topic that we all ask ourselves often – how can I be enough? Our core beliefs infer how we feel about money and then how we behave around money. Listen in as we dig deeper on this topic and find out how you can transform your beliefs around whether you are enough.

How Can I Be Enough?

In this episode:

  • How EFT and Matrix Reimprinting can help correct wrong beliefs, particularly around money
  • Why bringing awareness to beliefs can be so powerful
  • Tools we can use to regain your power
  • Realigning your body and your mind
  • How to explore the future and bring it into your present


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan