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Here is the challenge for women

You fear the word risk

(who wants that!)

The word ‘risk’ sends many women into a spiral of fear and doubt which means inaction!

Perhaps you have fallen into investing traps previously…

Or your parents have told you “investing is only for those who can gamble their money away!”

It is complicated and full of jargon

I hear you. You want to get started but have no idea how to take the first steps!

All this talk of guaranteed returns, bonds, shares…arghhhh!

And who actually educated us about this?

The financial services industry make a lot of money out of this lack of education!


You don't have the confidence & knowledge

(and why should you!)

Yet we are living longer than men

We are in control of money in the house

We are the main care givers for our families, parents and children

Never mind the gender gap – what about the investing gap!

You are self employed and want to set up a pension but don't know where to start

Maybe you have an existing pension that you need guidance on or you are ready to start investing but stuck with where to start!


I am a Qualified Financial Adviser with 20 years of experience

Catherine Morgan is a multi-award winning qualified Financial Adviser and award-winning Certified Financial Coach, on a mission to reduce financial anxiety and increase financial empowerment & resilience for 1 million women around the world.

No Suits Jargon Judgement

Specifically designed to support women just like you to get started investing.


What’s covered Catherine?

Module 1

Getting started

What you’ll learn:

  • agsdix-smt1-check-circleBe clear on your investing goals
  • agsdix-smt1-check-circleHow to work out how much you can invest.
  • agsdix-smt1-check-circleWhat types of investments are out there

Module 2

Understanding Risk

What you’ll learn:

  • agsdix-smt1-check-circleWhat is risk and how to minimise it when investing
  • agsdix-smt1-check-circleBusting the investing myths
  • agsdix-smt1-check-circleThe roller-coaster of investor emotion
  • agsdix-smt1-check-circleHow important is having an emergency fund first

Module 3

Shares Vs Funds

What you’ll learn:

  • agsdix-smt1-check-circleThe difference between shares & funds
  • agsdix-smt1-check-circleChoosing the right investment for you
  • agsdix-smt1-check-circleHow to research funds and shares
  • agsdix-smt1-check-circleHow to invest in shares

Module 4

Investment biases

What you’ll learn:

  • agsdix-smt1-check-circleInvestment biases & how to avoid them
  • agsdix-smt1-check-circleDefining the purpose of your investment
  • agsdix-smt1-check-circleHow much risk can you afford to take

    Module 5

    Pensions, ISAs and Unwrapped

    What you’ll learn:

    • agsdix-smt1-check-circleUnderstanding Pensions Versus ISAs - which to invest in first?
    • agsdix-smt1-check-circleHow you can take pension money out when you retire
    • agsdix-smt1-check-circleTax implications to consider

    Module 6

    When to buy?

    What you’ll learn:

    • agsdix-smt1-check-circleWhen is the best time to buy?
    • agsdix-smt1-check-circleHow to Read Investment cycles
    • agsdix-smt1-check-circleHow to reduce risk with pound cost averaging

    Module 7

    What is the stock-market?

    What you’ll learn:

    • agsdix-smt1-check-circleGetting to grips with investment jargon so you can get started investing
    • agsdix-smt1-check-circleWhat about International stock markets
    • agsdix-smt1-check-circleHow to understand different investment returns and performance

      Module 8

      Ethical Investing

      What you’ll learn:

      • agsdix-smt1-check-circleDo I need to be investing ethically?
      • agsdix-smt1-check-circleDifferent type of ethical funds
      • agsdix-smt1-check-circleHow to find ethical funds

      Module 9

      How to get started

      What you’ll learn:

      • agsdix-smt1-check-circleDifferent platform options to get started investing
      • agsdix-smt1-check-circleWhat to expect when setting up your own investments
      • agsdix-smt1-check-circleExamples of DIY Platforms

      Module 10

      What to do next? - Rebalancing

      What you’ll learn:

      • agsdix-smt1-check-circleWhat to do once you've picked your investments
      • agsdix-smt1-check-circleWhy you should avoid herd mentality
      • agsdix-smt1-check-circleThe 3 key strategies of investing

      Module 11

      How to avoid investing scams

      What you’ll learn:

      • agsdix-smt1-check-circleVarious investing scams & how to avoid them

      Module 12

      Understand Investment charges

      What you’ll learn:

      • agsdix-smt1-check-circleAre expensive funds better than cheaper funds?
      • agsdix-smt1-check-circleExploring the various investment charges
      • agsdix-smt1-check-circleHow to boost your investment growth

        Bonus Resources

        How to invest for Children - Value £197

        My 5-step guide on how to invest for children

        How to make your child a millionaire with Pensions for kids

        Dunk a Custard Cream, brew a cuppa and get investing!

        No Suits Jargon Judgement

        How does the course work?

        12 Video Modules - Access Self paced

        (learn in your own time)

        Investing Workbooks to guide your learning


        Lifetime access to all content and any future updates

        The Outcomes & Results

        agsdix-fas fa-hourglass-start

        Be ready to start investing and setting up your first investment


        Learn the steps to understanding ISAs, Pensions, and General Investment accounts

        Demystify the confusion and fears about investing and feel confident to start building wealth


        I never (in a million years) thought I would be the type of person who could invest but thanks to you, I know I can! I’ve now got the confidence to do it as I’ve learned so much!

        Denize Woodstock

        Great value for anybody that would like to understand and start investing. Easy to work around a busy life/family. Catherine makes it a pleasure to learn. Thank you Catherine for giving me the confidence and knowledge to do this!


        Yes I want to get started investing!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How much money do I need to get started investing?

        I show you how you can get started with as little as £1

        Is there a refund policy?

        As this is an instant access course there are no refunds.

        Does the course cover pensions?

        Yes! We will cover some foundational knowledge about pensions, what to do with existing ones you may have and options to set up a new one

        Is it financial advice?

        No – we believe in educating you to make your own financial decisions. Financial advice can be costly, especially when you are getting started. Although I am a qualified financial adviser (having spent over 20 years advising on investment strategies) I am no longer regulated to give financial advice. Therefore the content of this course is for your information only and is not deemed to be financial advice. 

        *Although I am a qualified financial adviser, this course is to teach you how to self invest and no personal recommendations or financial advice is given. 

        I’m ready to start investing!

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