Investing for beginners with just £1

No suits, No Jargon, No Judgement with just £1!


Here is the challenge for women

You fear the word risk (who wants that!)

The word 'risk' sends many into a spiral of fear and doubt which means inaction!

Perhaps you have fallen into investing traps

Or your parents have told you "investing is only for those who can gamble their money away!"


It is complicated and full of jargon

I hear you. You want to get started but where the heck do you start?!

All this talk of guaranteed returns, bonds, shares...arghhhh!

And who actually educated us about this?

You don't have the confidence & knowledge (and why should you!)

Yet we are living longer than men

We are in control of money in the house

We are the main care givers for our families, parents and children

Never mind the gender gap - what about the investing gap!

You are self employed and want to set up a pension but don't know where to start

Maybe you have some existing pensions you need to understand what to do with and now you are ready to start investing but stuck with where to start.


I am a Qualified Financial Planner with 20 years of experience


Specifically designed to support women just like you to get investing.

The Outcomes & Results

Be ready to start investing and setting up your first investment

Learn the steps to understanding ISAs, Pensions, and General Investment accounts

Demystify the confusion and fears about investing and feel confident to start building wealth

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What is covered, Catherine?

What is the stockmarket?

What is risk and how much do I need to take?

How much do I need to invest?

What are asset classes, funds and shares?

Understanding different styles of investing

Understand investment charges

What is ethical investing?

How to avoid investing scams

What to do with existing pensions you may have and how to get started with new contributions

How your relationship with money can affect how you invest

ISAs and Pensions made simple - what are the differences?

When to buy investments & the power of compound investing

Bonus Session - Investing for Kids - What are my options?

Dunk a Custard Cream and get investing!


custard cream

How does it the course work?

12 Modules - Self paced (learn in your own time)

Workbooks to guide your learning

Lifetime access to all content and future additions

Yes I want to get started investing!

What Hetty had to say after completing the course

Questions about the course

How much money do I need to get started investing?

I show you how you can get started with as little as £1

Is there a refund policy?
Can I pay in instalments?
Does the course cover pensions?

*Although I am a qualified financial planner, this course is to teach you how to self invest and no personal recommendations or financial advice is given. 

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