3 Shifts To Get You Into The Mindset of a Wealthy Woman

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This week on the In Her Financial Shoes podcast I will be exploring the 3 shifts that you need to make to get you into the mindset of a wealthy woman.

Many perceived negative emotions are just that – they are a perception often stemming from and anchor either in the past or the future. The feelings that you are experiencing often don’t belong in the present. Making small shifts and changing some of your behaviours will help you get into the mindset of a wealthy woman which is going to take you through your next financial uplevel.

3 Shifts To Get You Into The Mindset of a Wealthy Woman

In this episode:

  • A powerful heart breathing exercise
  • How paying attention to the past and future will help you to focus on the now
  • How affirmations can provide safety for you to take steps forward
  • What upgrading your current lifestyle can do for the future you
  • 1% growth in the right direction is better than 50% growth in the wrong direction


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan