Money Grows on Trees: From Broke to Woke

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This week Catherine speaks with Jerremy Newsome, host of the podcast “Broke to Woke” and author of the book “Money Grows on Trees”. Jerremy is an investing guru and is on a mission to enrich people’s lives with mentally liberating education.

We speak about investing and some of the common emotional blocks that come up around investing, such as fear and greed.

Many of us as women don’t even believe that investing is possible for us. This is a really important conversation for us to be having as women, if nothing else to do the work in normalising the idea of women investing. If we want to start growing our wealth and Step Into Wealth®, we need to include investing in those plans.

How to Go From Broke to Woke

In this episode:

  • Jerremy’s story of investing from age 7
  • Why we need to normalise women investing
  • How to include investing in your wealth plans
  • Why it’s easier not to grow wealth, but simple to do!


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan