How to Make Better Financial Decisions

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In this episode, Catherine is taking some time to talk about how to make better and easier financial decisions.

Traditionally at this time of year, it is a time to pause and reflect on the past year but also on what we want for the year ahead. Catherine loves to get curious around her vision, what success looks like for the next 12 months and also pick a theme for the year ahead. Last year her theme was growth and as we move into 2022, she is focusing more on expansion.

In today’s episode, Catherine shares a wonderful expansion exercise that will really get you thinking about your goals and whether they are truly aligned to your values and intentions. What tends to hold people back is the high expectations that we put on ourselves and this exercise helps you to really look at all sides of the decision-making process to help avoid becoming overwhelmed and giving up.

How to Make Better Financial Decisions

In this episode:

  • Journaling prompts to get you thinking about your own goals and intentions without the influence of others
  • Why becoming overwhelmed with decisions is rarely about the money
  • How considering the full picture before making a change can help you hold onto the plan throughout the year
  • Sometimes there is a reason for not making a change, known as a secondary gain
  • Think about the context of your life when goal setting and consider how they fit with you rather than being guided by the lives of others


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan