10 Tips to Make More Money

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In this episode, Catherine is looking at 10 tips to make more money.

January is often recognised as the time to set goals for the year ahead but how are you setting those goals? Are you setting your goals based on tasks or based on outcomes?

How you use your time is really important and is it really easy to get caught up on how much you need do and not what the financial outcome will be. We have a tendency to do easy tasks because of the dopamine hit we receive when ticking them off the list, but it is better to complete 3 tasks that are revenue producing and that move you towards a goal than completing 100 small tasks that have no impact on your goals at all.

How to Make Better Financial Decisions

In this episode:

  • Your “why” can help you move the needle towards achieving your goals
  • Why you need to build a team for results not for tasks
  • Tracking progress and creating flexible milestones can help you stay focussed on the result
  • How celebrating the small steps will help you achieve the big wins


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan