How to Feel Okay to Earn More Money

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Today Catherine really wanted to get stuck into what money trauma is and some of the emotions around money, as well as how to feel okay to earn more money. How do you heal money trauma?

Catherine shares some personal experiences of how money trauma can show up for you, and how she has dealt with the emotions that have come up for around feeling deserving to earn more money. I have gone from £30,000 recurring debt shame cycles, to multiple 6 figure income and saving and investing balances.

Society tells us that we should try to ‘get rid’ of negative emotions such as fear, shame, regret, guilt, responsibility, and anger, when actually all emotions are important.

Rather than trying to get rid of those emotions or money blocks, Catherine actually recommends leaning into the emotions and money blocks in order to lean into and Step Into Wealth®.

How to Feel Okay to Earn More Money

In this episode:

  • Catherine’s personal experience of money blocks while growing her wealth.
  • Trauma responses we experience that affect our ability to Step Into Wealth®.
  • How to learn to feel into our emotions and lean into them.
  • A self empowering tool you can use to heal money trauma.


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan