Making the leap from corporate to self employed

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In this episode of ‘It’s Not About the Money’ (formerly ‘In Her Financial Shoes’), I share my journey of transitioning from a secure full-time job to running three successful businesses.

I provide insights and tips on how to make the leap from corporate to self-employed, I emphasizes the importance of exposing oneself to successful self-employed individuals and surrounding oneself with supportive communities.

I also highlight the need for financial stability and multiple income streams during the transition. I encourage reframing the current job, setting clear outcomes and timeframes, and staying connected to one’s purpose and vision.


00:00 Introduction: Making the Leap from Corporate to Self-Employed

01:03 Challenges of Transitioning to Self-Employment

04:25 Reaching the Tipping Point

05:23 Personal Challenges and Motivation for Transition

06:17 Struggles as a Working Mother

07:43 Transitioning to Self-Employment

08:39 Financial Stability and Multiple Income Streams

10:08 Building a Coaching Practice

13:26 Importance of Retreats and Masterminds

16:24 Launching a Membership and Scaling the Business

19:30 Motivation and Opportunity Cost

21:53 Creating a Financial Cushion

23:21 Legalities and Basic Business Setup

26:12 Purpose and Vision

27:11 Setting Clear Outcomes and Timeframes

29:17 Conclusion and Call to Action


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan