How to bring feminine energy to your finances

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In this conversation, I discuss the impact of masculine energy on our financial lives and how to bring more feminine energy into our approach to money.

I explore the language and behaviour associated with money, highlighting the underlying feelings of safety, hard work, and control.

I emphasize the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energy and releasing the need to control.

I encourage allowing and receiving, as well as expressing and feeling emotions related to money.

I also discuss the dance between giving and receiving and the healing of our relationship with money.


00:00 Introduction

00:59 Language and Behavior

03:57 Perceptions of Safety

04:27 The Masculine Way of Managing Money

05:23 Feminine and Masculine Energy

06:18 Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy

07:12 Releasing the Need to Control

08:08 Bringing in Feminine Behaviors

09:04 Allowing and Receiving

10:55 The Dance Between Giving and Receiving

12:25 Healing the Relationship with Money

13:56 Expressing and Feeling Emotions

16:21 Understanding Contrasting Energies


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan