The best way to plan your finances if you have adult ADHD

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In this episode of ‘It’s Not About the Money’ (formerly ‘In Her Financial Shoes’) I ​​discuss game-changing money management tips for adults with ADHD. I explain why traditional money advice may not work for individuals with ADHD and offer practical tips to overcome challenges.

The tips include creating mini-milestones, using visual cues, trying different money management tools, reframing language, taking action and making choices, eliminating triggers, celebrating financial milestones, automating financial tasks, reframing impulsivity as a superpower, keeping finances simple, focusing on short-term goals, achieving quick wins, giving money a purpose, gamifying finances, and learning to say no.


00:00 Introduction and ADHD Money Management Challenges

01:26 Tip 1: Creating Mini Milestones

08:09 Tip 3: Trying Different Money Management Tools

10:35 Tip 4: Reframing Language

12:33 Tip 5: Taking Action and Making Choices

13:32 Tip 6: Eliminating Triggers

19:16 Tip 8: Automating Financial Tasks

21:40 Tip 9: Reframing Impulsivity as a Superpower

24:01 Tip 10: Keeping Finances Simple

25:58 Tip 11: Focusing on Short-Term Goals

26:56 Tip 12: Achieving Quick Wins

27:23 Tip 13: Giving Money a Purpose

29:39 Tip 14: Gamifying Finances

30:34 Tip 15: Learning to Say No


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan