What Are The 5 Money StoryTypes®?

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In this episode of the In Her Financial Shoes podcast I am going to be talking more about the 5 Money StoryTypes® and how they influence the way you feel about and manage your money.

The subject of money is still taboo only it isn’t money but rather the perception or meaning that we give to money that is the taboo. The Money StoryTypes® are designed in a way that helps open up conversation, making it easier to explore and bring harmony to your relationship with money.

The Money StoryTypes® are based on many years of research from my work in the financial wellbeing space. Listen in and hear more about each of the 5 Money StoryTypes® and how knowing your Money StoryType® will help you grow your wealth.

What Are The 5 Money StoryTypes®?

In this episode:

  • What are the 5 Money StoryTypes®
  • How your past experiences or generational influences have created your StoryType®
  • The insights available from your primary StoryType®
  • Tips for how to work with your Money StoryType® for success
  • Using your Money StoryTypes® to take you to your financial goal


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan