How to Expand Your Vision: Get Clarity, Confidence, & Abundance

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In this episode, Catherine is looking at the power behind getting clear on our financial future and why expanding your vision is the key behind this.

Often, we find that we are limited by fear – fear of success and fear of failure. We don’t believe in ourselves, that we are capable of achieving and therefore do not even begin. We perceive this fear of failure as shame or embarrassment and Catherine shares why it is so important to focus on the emotional benefits of a financial goal rather than just the assets it will create.

Today’s episode is a practical one. As well as sharing one of her favourite chapters from Glennon Doyle’s book Untamed, Catherine also shares an exercise from her own best-selling book It’s Not About The Money so grab a pen and paper to really implement the changes in life to help you step into your wealth.

How to Expand Your Vision: Get Clarity, Confidence, & Abundance

In this episode:

  • Questions we can ask ourselves to begin expanding into our life’s vision
  • Why we need to consider the change that we want to see in the world, even if it feels completely unattainable
  • The difference between deep level desires and surface level desires and the impact that both have on our ability to get clear on our goals
  • It is time to release the limiting fears and believes so that we can really step into wealth


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“Untamed” – Glennon Doyle


Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan