6 Ways to Set Healthy Personal Boundaries

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A member of my team’s fence blew down in the storms we had a few weeks ago in the UK and this got me thinking about how much we neglect our own personal boundaries as much as our garden fence!

We often have a challenging relationship with money because we are over-dominate in giving, receiving, saving or spending. You might be really strong on what your mission, your purpose is, but you won’t achieve it without strong boundaries. If your inbox is constantly full, you could end up in a position where you’re so overwhelmed with everything coming your way that your wellbeing suffers.

6 Ways to Set Healthy Personal Boundaries

1. Make self-care a priority.

It doesn’t have to be huge. Read your book or spend 15 minutes a day listening to a meditation track – anything that is about you and not about those incoming notifications.

2. Create boundaries.

What are your boundaries? When is the point that when your boundary is crossed, you feel bad, uncomfortable or depleted? If you don’t like working in the evening because your energy levels are low, the evening is your boundary. 
What one thing may people not know that you need? Space? Time? Not to work in the evenings?  Recognise and communicate what your boundaries are, or nobody will know.

3. The alternative to Yes or No.

Remember that you don’t have to give either a yes or a no answer to requests made of you. You also have the option of saying not right now.

4. Learn to let go.

Is something you’re doing just not working? Let it go. Let go of bad relationships. Let go of negative people in your life. If people are putting negative things on your social media, for example, just block them and move on. You don’t have time to take in that negative energy.

5. Listen to your intuition.

You know those times when you meet someone and that nugget of intuition inside you says ‘I’m not quite sure’? This is your own internal alarm system, your red flag – if that red flag is going off, it usually means you need to listen.
If you’re trying to make a decision about something and it doesn’t feel quite right then either say no or put it on the maybe in the future pile. Listen to your intuition. In most situations, your intuition is correct.

6. Notice what drains you.

Again this is a little bit intuitive, but if you can identify what is draining you and focus on trying to improve that area, it can help with creating really strong boundaries and avoiding overwhelm.

Notice what activities you’re doing, what tasks you’re performing, what relationships you have. Life is too short to be drained by people, jobs, activities, things that are just taking us off track.

Catherine x

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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan