How My Relationship With Money Changed Since Joining Catherine Morgan’s Team

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In this episode of the In Her Financial Shoes podcast, Nina, my Executive Assistant, is hosting and is going to share with us how her relationship with money has changed since joining my team.

Nina has been with the team for just over a year now and since joining the team has made massive shifts around her relationship with money, both practically and emotionally. The work that Nina has done personally has given her the opportunity to step into an empowered place around money.

Moving from a place of lack to abundance has been a really powerful step for Nina. Listen to this episode to hear all of the changes that she has experienced by doing the work.

How My Relationship With Money Changed Since Joining Catherine Morgan’s Team

In this episode:

  • Why I need to give every pound a purpose
  • How to automate your money even with a fluctuating income
  • The benefits of money dates both personally and collaboratively
  • Why you need to bring awareness to the money beliefs that are not yours and no longer serve you
  • How to make sure that you do what feels good for you around money


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