Hidden Wealth Series: Uncovering The Hidden Cash in Your Business

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In this episode of the It’s Not About The Money podcast (formerly the In Her Financial Shoes podcast) I am going to show you how you can find hidden money in your business.

This topic is crucial to entrepreneurs as we often hold conscious and unconscious biases that stop us from attracting more money into our business. I am going to show you the link between practical and energetic factors that will stop you from unknowingly leaving potential revenue on the table.

With these actionable strategies, you will unlock the full potential of your business and really begin to explore the difference between cash in the bank and true wealth.

Hidden Wealth Series: Uncovering The Hidden Cash in Your Business

In this episode:

  • The science behind the power of the unconscious mind
  • How to identify and plug the money leaks in your business
  • Service or product opportunities that you may be overlooking
  • Understanding the impact of the business bottleneck
  • What you can do to clear blocks that are stopping you from reaching your potential


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan