How to Step Into Gratitude Every Day

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In this episode, Catherine is exploring how we can get into the mindset of deserving, abundance and more than enoughness to help us create, hold on to and grow our wealth.

When we are able to express gratitude for what we already have, we automatically step into a state of appreciation. The Law of Attraction is a philosophy that living, thinking and feeling like you already have the outcome you desire, will bring the positive outcomes to you. It helps embed the belief so that your actions become intentional.

Every moment that we are listening to our limiting beliefs we are preventing ourselves from stepping into wealth. This short episode has some tangible exercises that will help you start to take immediate action.

How to Step Into Gratitude Every Day

In this episode:

  • Why stepping into a place of gratitude will help you to desire, create and grow your wealth
  • Understanding why we get triggered by the success of others and what it actually means
  • How you can stop judging yourself and others
  • Catherine’s experience of how gratitude helped her manifest a deep desire
  • The science behind misaligned values and actions and the impact that it can have on our health and wellbeing


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan