How Astrology Can Help Us Reach Our Full Potential with Money

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In this episode, Catherine is joined by Empowerment Coach, Astrologist and Intuitive Guide, Eloise Skye.

Catherine and Eloise explore how astrology can help you reach your full potential with your relationship with money. Sun and star signs can impact how you feel about and manage your money. Therefore, having this knowledge can really help you understand more about yourself. The more you know about yourself, the more you understand about the decisions you are making.

This episode is a brilliant introduction to another ancient modality that can help you further empower you when stepping into wealth.

How Astrology Can Help Us Reach Our Full Potential with Money

In this episode:

  • What is astrology and how it can be used to help empower your relationship with money
  • How you can use astrology in your day-to-day and when forward planning in life
  • The science behind astrology
  • Energy cycles and how to use these for your personal growth
  • Why you shouldn’t use astrology to justify your actions


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Catherine Morgan

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