5 Money Habits Keeping You Poor

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In this episode of the It’s Not About The Money podcast (formerly the In Her Financial Shoes Podcast) I am going to share with you the 5 money habits that are keeping you poor and I am certain there is 1 that you have never heard before!

We all have habits and beliefs that form the framework of our relationship with money. It is quite easy to think that we need to make more money in order to increase our wealth or savings pots. There are some far more important changes that you can make that will have a much greater impact on your finances.

This episode is jam packed full of useful tips that will help you hit reset and kick off 2023 with a whole new approach to your financial goals.

5 Money Habits Keeping You Poor

In this episode:

  • Why making more money is not actually the answer
  • What happens when you only focus on the practical management of money
  • The power of the money pots
  • How to visualise your money to achieve greater power
  • What you must do before you start saving money


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Catherine Morgan

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