Illumination and Autism with Melanie Sykes

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In this episode of the It’s Not About The Money podcast (formerly the In Her Financial Shoes podcast) I am joined by author and speaker, Melanie Sykes. From talking about environmental issues to sharing her understanding of autism and neuro divergence, Melanie is using her profile to open up these frank conversations that women need to be having.

During our conversation, Melanie and I discussed neuro divergence and how it had an impact on our money beliefs, and despite not being diagnosed until later in life, the steps that we took to manage this.

As Melanie shares in her book, Illumination, spreading the word and the message far and wide is going to heal the problems. What we have is evidence of the impact that we can have through awareness and discussion.

Illumination and Autism with Melanie Sykes

In this episode:

  • Why we cannot mask but rather we are conforming to societal norms
  • What it means to change when something just doesn’t fit anymore
  • How to tune into your internal sat nav
  • Treatments and techniques that positively impact the nervous system


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan