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From Spender to Saver

This course is for you if you get to the end of the month and just don't know where all the money went.

Maybe you're spending your paycheck in your mind before it's even arrived? If you want to go from spender to saver (and stay there), then you're in the right place.

Leanr how to Invest with as little as £1 for Beginners

So you're a little further ahead in your journey, and you've successfully got a little savings pot behind you. Well done!

But now you don't really know what to do with it. It seems silly to just leave it sitting there, but investing is scary, right?!

It doesn't have to be. Let me show you how.

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Let's really do this - 90 Day Transformation Signature Programme

Financial Past - Financial Present - Financial Future

One to one support is exactly what most of us need in so many areas of our lives. When there's pressure coming at us from all angles to achieve and succeed, a hand to support you while you grow can be just what is needed to make that final push.

Dealing with our money is no exception to this. If you're ready to make a financial transformation, to really give it that push to achieve what you want, then drop me an email and let's do this together!

  • Fortnightly financial planning video calls with Catherine over 3 months
  • Learn Catherine's 3 step signature system - Financial Past, Financial Present, and Financial Future
  • Creation of a financial plan to look at different financial situations
  • Financial coaching to help you make better decisions about money
  • Completion of a personalised money habits and behaviours report to identify your habits and make changes to the behaviours that are holding you back
  • Access to all my online courses
  • Personal accountability to take you from intention to action.

I have just finished working with Catherine & the biggest benefit has been to be able to speak openly and honestly about money, to get expert guidance & a bit of a nudge to make positive changes. I paid for the coaching investment in just two months.


Karen Shanks, June 2019

My Promise to you.

I equip women to manage their own money and manage the emotions and behaviours that can prevent us from moving from intention to action.

In order to create financial resiliency and financial freedom, I believe we have to have two things; a financial plan, and the right financial behaviours to make that plan stick!

I am a qualified financial adviser, and I use my expertise to develop simple yet powerful plans to help manage money through practical money coaching, but also the emotions and our behaviours around money.

My promise to you is that however we work together, giving you exactly the tools you need to succeed will always be my driving goal.


For the first time ever in my life, I can say I do feel in control.


Laura Moss, April 2019


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