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Female Financial Foundations Course


What you will learn

✔︎ Learnt my 4 step system

✔︎ Create a spending Plan, create money pots and get confident

✔︎ Create a debt plan in place to be debt free & stop the cycle

✔︎ Be in a place of stability & security with money

✔︎ Be more comfortable about your finances

✔︎ Have complete clarity with where to store your money

✔︎ Maintain momentum and create new habits with my 15 minute per week formula

✔︎ Manage money conflict with yourself and in relationships

Learn how to invest with as little as £1 for Beginners


What you will learn:

✔︎ Help you understand where and how to start with your first investment

✔︎ Bust the financial jargon

✔︎ Feel confident to manage your own money

✔︎ Get started with as little as £1

✔︎What is the stockmarket?

✔︎ What is risk and how much do I need to take?

✔︎ How much do I need to invest?
✔︎ What are asset classes, funds and shares?

✔︎ Understanding different styles of investing

✔︎ Understand investment charges
✔︎ What is ethical investing?
✔︎ How to avoid investing scams
✔︎ How to get started with a pension
✔︎ How your relationship with money can affect how you invest
✔︎ ISAs and Pensions made simple - what are the differences?
✔︎ When to buy investments & the power of compound investing

✔︎ Make investing decisions with ease and confidence

✔︎ Bonus Session - Investing for Kids - What are my options?


Option 4 - High touch personalised support

90 Day Transformation & Planning Signature Programme


3 Steps - Financial Past (Behaviours and mindset) - Financial Present (Manage money like a pro)- Financial Future (Create a plan for security and financial freedom)

  • Fortnightly financial planning video calls with Catherine over 3 months
  • Learn Catherine's 3 step signature system - Financial Past, Financial Present, and Financial Future
  • Creation of a financial plan to look at your current financial situation, create  different financial situations and help you map out where you want to be with the practical discussions on how to get there
  • Money coaching to help you make better decisions about money, change the behaviours that are not serving you and harness the ones that are.
  • Completion of a personalised money habits and behaviours report to identify your habits and make changes to the behaviours that are holding you back
  • Personal accountability to take you from intention to action.

I have just finished working with Catherine & the biggest benefit has been to be able to speak openly and honestly about money, to get expert guidance & a bit of a nudge to make positive changes. I paid for the coaching investment in just two months.


Karen Shanks, June 2019

My Promise to you.

I equip women to manage their own money and manage the emotions and behaviours that can prevent us from moving from intention to action.

In order to create financial resiliency and financial freedom, I believe we have to have two things; a financial plan, and the right financial behaviours to make that plan stick!

I am a qualified financial adviser, and I use my expertise to develop simple yet powerful plans to help manage money through practical money coaching, but also the emotions and our behaviours around money.

My promise to you is that however we work together, giving you exactly the tools you need to succeed will always be my driving goal.

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For the first time ever in my life, I can say I do feel in control.


Laura Moss, April 2019