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is the pacifist

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Old NArrative

‘I am not worried about money as something will come up, it always does.’

New NArrative

‘It is safe for me to take responsibility with money.’

your primary beliefs

Your brain believes that money is something to avoid at all costs. As a result of this, you avoid money. The belief is that money is a necessary evil. In order to avoid conflict, you pay as little attention to money as possible.

You are not driven by material goods or possessions, but instead by your passion for living life, connecting with others, and enjoying each moment.

your supportive money narrative

You are a passionate humanitarian. Your brain believes that it must avoid conflict and suffering at all costs and knowing that others are in such dire need upsets you deeply.

You want to leave this world better than you found it. You are creative at seeking ways to do this, often through means other than money. You often find creative ways to enjoy life.

your sabotaging money narrative

You believe that money is the root of all conflict and suffering and as a result you avoid money. You see money as a necessary evil. You often pay as little attention to money as possible.

You might say ‘Money just isn’t important to me’.

You can very quickly slip into immaturity or irresponsibility with money.

your balancing money narrative

The Money StoryTypes™ that will best support you to achieve some balance between the supportive and the sabotaging money story type is The Architect StoryType or The Innovator StoryType.

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