Your Money Storytypes™ result

is the innovator

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Old NArrative

‘I am a money maker. I can just create more of it.’

New NArrative

‘It is safe for me to enjoy today and look to the future.’

your primary beliefs

Your brain believes that money is a tool you can use to realise your plans for financial independence. In fact, your brain is so focused on its future self that it often forgets to take care of the present self. The brain is robbing from Peter to give to Paul.

There is a belief, perhaps unconscious, that you are far better than others with money. Money works for you, it is abundant and all around you, and this belief makes you feel superior.

your supportive money narrative

You are comfortable to take risks and see opportunities all around you. Your brain is so focused on the future self result that you work tirelessly in pursuit of the goal.

You have a strong work ethic. You are an adept decision-maker and make decisions swiftly and confidently.

When a decision you make doesn’t pay off, you accept the lesson and move on.

your sabotaging money narrative

You can slip into excessive risktaking or say yes to too many things. You need to be careful that you take care of the present self and don’t slip into burnout.

your balancing money narrative

The Money StoryTypes™ that will best support you to achieve some balance between the supportive and the sabotaging money story type is The Pacifist StoryType.

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