Your Money Storytypes™ result

is the impulsive

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Old NArrative

‘I am out of control with money.’

New NArrative

‘It is safe for me to save and spend.’

your primary beliefs

Your brain believes that you have to spend money to be accepted by others.

You don’t feel good enough, and therefore don’t feel like you ever have enough. When money comes to you, you often find yourself feeling that it must be spent.

In fact, the belief is so strong that perhaps you spend money before it even reaches you. Your conscious mind tells you that you are powerless to control your spending.

your supportive money narrative

You are an action taker. You are super-reactive to opportunities and can make swift decisions, which can be both a blessing and a challenge.

In your life, you truly value enjoyment, both your own and others. Others love to be around you your energy is intoxicating. Short bursts of adrenaline make you feel alive.

your sabotaging money narrative

The brain has learned that these adrenaline shots can be achieved by continuing the impulsive narratives it believes to be true and you may consequently find it hard to sit still.

What most people don’t know is that when you’re alone you worry about your lack of focus. You crave a little structure, and above all, a feeling of safety. Your brain doesn’t want to give up its adrenaline shots, and so your efforts to add structure to your life have felt restrictive and boring, and therefore short-lived.

You long for a life which combines your zest for life and adventure with the craving you have for security and safety.

your balancing money narrative

The Money StoryTypes™ that will best support you to achieve some balance between the supportive and the sabotaging money story type is The Architect StoryType.

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