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is the enabler

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Old NArrative

‘I am safer to give than to receive.’

New NArrative

‘It is safe for me to spend money on myself with no guilt.’

your primary beliefs

Your brain believes that helping others is the biggest marker of being a good person. In fact, the brain has so much evidence for this belief that it has concluded that people who want to spend money on themselves are frivolous, selfish or materialistic. In your drive to leave a legacy of being a good person, you have rejected all behaviours which the brain believes will make you a bad person.

your supportive money narrative

You are an excellent and diligent caretaker of others, an adept problem solver and are generous with both your time and money. You value investing your money in ways that can support the environment and causes that align with your values.

your sabotaging money narrative

You reject opportunities to take care of yourself. Receiving gifts is difficult for you, and even harder is spending money on yourself. It is easy to slip into over enabling, something that restricts others’ ability to develop their own balanced Money Narrative. You don’t often place enough value on your own time and time for yourself and can feel resentful when you spend money on others and this is not appreciated.

your balancing money narrative

The Money StoryTypes™ that will best support you to achieve some balance between the supportive and the sabotaging money story type is The Innovator StoryType or The Architect StoryType.

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