Your Money Storytypes™ result

is the architect

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Old NArrative

‘I am not safe to spend money that is unplanned.’

New NArrative

‘It is safe for me to be impulsive and feel secure.’

your primary beliefs

Your brain believes that money is limited.

There will never be enough. If money is limited, the resulting behaviour is to plan for every eventuality. In fact, you have honed your planning skills to near perfection!

your supportive money narrative

You are an excellent project manager who plans and manages like a boss. The brain has collected evidence to support the belief that those who work the hardest get the most money which means that you have a strong work ethic.

Your narrative means that you’re not the type of person to be tempted by ‘get rich quick’ schemes and are least likely to fall into investment traps.

your sabotaging money narrative

Issues may arise when you need to step into implementation. This can mean that you often struggle to take the necessary action linked to your plan, and this leads to feelings of frustration. Deviating from the plan reinforces the belief that there is never enough money.

You need to be mindful of your boundaries so as to be careful not to burn out. You can be blind to the opportunities around you which means you may miss out on making financial decisions that support you.

your balancing money narrative

The Money StoryTypes™ that will best support you to achieve some balance between the supportive and the sabotaging money story type is The Impulsive StoryType.

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