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julie flynn

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Julie Flynn

Julie has been talking money since 1998, first as a financial planner and now as a financial coach.

Having accumulated an alphabet in technical qualifications, Julie now focuses on supporting people understand how they think and feel about money. This is where the big changes happen and how she helps people live a life full of purpose.

Julie’s conviction for the impact financial coaching can have is borne out of personal experience. Living a fuller a life, she now wants to help others do the same.

sara walker

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Sara Walker

Sara Walker is qualified financial planner, mortgage adviser and trained financial coach and has been a financial services professional for over 30 years.  As a business owner and Mum to three teenage boys she uses her wealth of work and life experience to help others.

Sara’s view is that this life is not a dress rehearsal and needs to be experienced and lived to the full.

She will help you understand how you feel and behave around money and to feel calm and confident to plan for your future and the life you want for you and your loved ones.

simon rhodes

Simon Rhodes - our mortgage specialist! With 23 years of providing mortgage advice to clients, Simon has an in depth knowledge of lenders’ process and criteria which allows him to offer expert advice in all types of Residential and Buy to let mortgages. Simon is also a whizz for complex mortgage situations (multiple properties and debt consolidating for example) to help you explore all possible avenues.

victoria nabarro

Victoria is a Chartered Financial Planner, combining her extensive qualifications and experience in the world of Finance, with her passion for philosophy, psychology and what makes ‘a good life’.

Victoria helps you look closely at where you are today, and where you would like to get to, both personally and professionally. Together she helps you build an action plan that you can start implementing immediately, to keep you on track and motivated towards achieving your goals.