Stop Second Guessing Yourself and Start Signing Clients with more ease and confidence.

Own Your Worth, Your Sales And Your Pricing 

“I really should be charging more for my services - I just don’t know if my clients will pay more or if I am even deserving of charging that much…”

You think to yourself as you hit send on yet another woefully underpriced invoice

Because even though you:

  • Have plenty of experience and know exactly what you’re doing
  • ALWAYS deliver on time and to the highest standard
  • Care deeply about your clients and their results

You STILL struggle to set your pricing at a point that reflects your true worth and that feels good when you say it out loud. Like on a sales call after you’ve spent all your time explaining exactly what you can do for them but then start to crumble when they ask the dreaded question:

"So How Much..."

To which you find yourself:

…mumbling something into your keyboard about emailing them your prices

…feeling wobbly and slightly sweaty as you search for a way to change the subject 

…and hoping desperately they’ll see your elusiveness as intriguing rather than for what it really is – a lack of confidence in selling yourself.

It’s like you have everything you need to have a wildly successful business, except a reliable, repeatable way to sell your services that leaves you (and your client) feeling like a rockstar.

And it’s not your fault.

In fact, you’ve been hardwired to resist this final piece of the success puzzle…

As a heart-led entrepreneur, you serve with reverence and dedication to your craft.

You’re here to make a real contribution to the world. You care deeply about your clients and want their success to be as great as yours.

But as women, many of us carry old wounds, patterns and stories…

Especially when it comes to money.

We find it hard to put ourselves ‘out there’, ask for what we want and receive what we desire and deserve. We don’t ever want to seem braggy, pushy or greedy. We’d rather go back to corporate than come off as cringey or conceited.

And that’s the problem, we get up in our head and overthink literally everything! 

What if instead of underpricing and paddling hard to keep your head above water, you had a repeatable process that helped you attract more aligned clients, feel calm and in control in your sales calls and convert more consistently?

Good news!

I help women (like you) go from cobbling together a pitch, hoping and praying they’ll say yes and being completely surprised when they do…

…to consistently and confidently selling out their programs, products and services in a way that feels easy and exciting for you and your client!

Doing big things in your business is infinitely easier when you’re getting paid properly, isn’t it?

And while it’s easy to dream, it’s not always so easy to put concrete plans into action to make our big dreams happen. No matter how badly we want something – and see others reaching for their goals and smashing them – our own negative self-talk and sneaky money stories can have a way of surfacing and sabotaging our best efforts.

And that’s actually a good thing…


A 6 Months Programme To Own Your Worth, Own Your Sales, Master Your Pricing & Close More Sales As a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur …

It’s where you’ll get the practical steps and mentoring to unblock your sales confidence, feel solid on your pricing and convert clients with more ease (without feeling guilty, greedy or awkward when it comes to selling).  

It’s the missing piece of the success puzzle you’ve been waiting for.

I’ll be there to guide you through it all in our live monthly coaching calls, you can steal my tried and tested sales strategies and scripts, ask questions and get the support and all important accountability you need to uncover and release your deepest blocks and beliefs around selling.

Here’s The 3 Step Process We Use In The Programme And With Our Clients To Do Exactly This.  


The first step in our framework is “Identity,” which is all about shifting your mindset and embracing a powerful sales identity. This foundational step is crucial for transforming how you perceive and approach selling, ensuring that your strategies are sustainable and aligned with your true self.


We then map out your high converting offers and Pricing Strategy so that you feel so good about selling your offer and have all the clarity you need on how many clients you need to ensure you are profitable,  paying yourself more and hitting your personal financial goals.


Now that we are clear on your high converting & profitable pricing strategy, we now work on your Conversions and Selling strategy. Using our proven heart-centered discovery call scripts and framework so that you can increase your conversion rates and attract the most aligned dreamy clients.

By the end of the 6 Months you’ll feel…

  • Relieved you don’t have to guess when money is flowing in or leaking out
  • Energised everytime you sell so you can confidently close and convert sales
  • Grateful for your incredible clients who then also get incredible results
  • Confident to surpass your next income ceiling and increase financial security
  • Thrilled to finally be serving, growing and receiving as you build your business into an entity that supports you and your family to create more wealth

Sounds impressive? It’s totally possible.

Join The Energy of Selling

It’s your fast track to increasing your chances of attracting, converting and keeping more aligned clients.

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What is Included In the VIP Level?
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VIP Level Includes:

1:1 Personal Feedback

Submit a Discovery Call Recording For My Personal Feedback or Book a Live Call With Me To Role Play Out The Exact Framework Taught Within The Program. This will guarantee you increase your conversions and are clear on your lead generation strategy so that you can close more sales and create more predictable profit.

(Value £995)

Thank you so much for your feedback on my discovery call, it has really helped. I followed your script with a new ideal client and today I closed a new 10 hour a week client after just a half hour phone call. So happy!

Caroline Chilley

Boutique Housekeeping

Plus +

Private 1:1 Access

Access To Me Via Slack For 1:1 Support On Your Offer, Pricing and Mindset. I will provide you with feedback via Loom videos and Voice notes for the 6 months programme period.

(Value £5,000)


a whopping £5,995

Just ask some of our recent students...

“I’ve seen an incredible transformation in my business. We’re expanding into new counties and attracting fantastic team members. This programme has truly changed the game for me.

Caroline Chilley

Owner of Housekeeping Boutique

“The support from this programme has been a game-changer. I’m celebrating more client calls and the success of my new hires, which means I can focus on growth. The confidence and clarity I’ve gained are priceless, and I see a bright, successful future ahead.” – Shelley

Shelley Whitwell

Narcissistic Abuse Therapist

“I’m celebrating huge milestones. I feel energised and optimistic about the future, especially with all the new training and clients. This journey has given me so much confidence and excitement!” – Lorraine

Lorraine Iles

Personal Stylist Trainer

Here’s what you’ll get inside this incredible

6 Month Program

The Energy of Selling


Clearing Energetic Blocks Getting in the Way of Consistent Sales

It’s almost impossible to access more abundance in our lives when we’re holding onto subconscious beliefs impeding our success. In this first (and arguably most important) module, you’ll start to recognise and release any energetic money blocks (including ones you didn’t know you had!) keeping you invisible and create a mindset shift towards abundant flow and a more confident, effective approach to selling.

At the end of this module you’ll:

Embrace a whole new narrative whereby selling feels easy and enjoyable because it’s more deeply aligned with your personality, your passion and your purpose.


Stepping into an Abundant, Heart-Led Sales Identity

Before you can create more wealth, you first need to believe you deserve it. After clearing your blocks in module 1, we now set the foundations to start stepping into the identity of a heart-led soul seller and server. This module combines self-reflection practices with practical strategies to get you into your highest selling and serving energy so you can show up as the heart led soul seller and server you are. 

At the end of this module you’ll:

Learn how to sell from the heart, aligning your actions with your values, forever changing the way you connect with clients to confidently and consistently close sales.


Attracting more clients through clearly communicating your offer

Whether you already have a fantastic offer or you’re dreaming one up, there’s no way you can sell it if your dream clients are murky on the details of how your offer can help them. In module 3 we’ll explore the Repeatable Selling Cycle, to build consistent and effective lead generation and sales processes in your business. I’ll also share immediately actionable tips for generating leads on social media.

At the end of this module you’ll:

Know how to clearly communicate your offers to attract more clients and implement a repeatable system for a consistent flow of sales.


Pricing your offer in line with your value to sell out every time

Pricing or re-pricing your services is one of those things that can bring up a ton of self-doubt and leave heart led entrepreneurs (like you) second-guessing yourself. This is where you’ll learn to set profitable prices that truly reflect your worth so you can finally exceed your income goals. I’ll show you how to position your offers and communicate your value online plus dissolve any lingering money blocks related to receiving. 

At the end of this module you’ll:

Develop a clear pricing structure that feels good to you and your clients so you can confidently sell out your programs.


Converting your discovery calls so you’re always booked out

You’ve cleared your blocks and got your mindset, messaging and pricing all down pat, now all that’s left is to nail the sales call! In module 5, we master the art of converting discovery calls into a steady stream of dream clients. I’ll share my strategy for preparing and positioning discovery calls effectively, ensuring a smooth and impactful interaction with potential clients every time. You’ll learn my secret to closing more sales and how to handle objections without feeling awkward or pushy. 

At the end of this module you’ll:

Be ready to confidently convert more sales calls into happy clients who love to pay you, and dare I say it, actually start to ENJOY the calls!


Getting in front of the right people to sell out your offers

In our final module, we’ll celebrate how far you’ve come! You’ll learn the exact steps to strategically position yourself and be more visible than ever before with high-converting content and impeccable messaging that lands with your audience, boosts engagement and fills your programs with fall-from-the-sky clients. We’ll look at some of the more effective list-building strategies so you can elevate your visibility to new levels, connect with the right people, and ultimately… sell out your offers. 

At the end of this module you’ll:

Emerge as the confident, decisive business woman you know you can be with the courage to position yourself for maximum visibility.

Here’s how you’ll be supported to increase your sales inside the 6 Month The Energy of Sellingprogram: 

PLUS practical strategies to help you have confident sales conversations where you can clearly and concisely communicate the value you offer – rather than feeling like you have to ‘sell yourself’. 

Hey there, I’m Catherine

You’ll often find me in my most comfy PJ’s, sipping tea (stronger the better) or walking Rosie, my Cocker Spaniel along the beach. 

I’m also a qualified Financial Adviser, Certified Financial Coach, Financial Abuse Specialist ®,Inherited Family Trauma Practitioner, a Trauma of Money Method ® Facilitator and expert in several other money healing modalities. I’m a serial entrepreneur and reached my first million by the age of 31. My gift is helping women (like you) heal from money trauma and step into wealth®. 

I’m here to create safe spaces, financial equality, independence and justice for all women. 

Because when women feel safe, healthy and financially resilient, they aren’t afraid to trust their intuition and follow their bliss to build more wealth.

And when women have great wealth, we do great things in the world.

Because when we are brave enough to explore our stories, habits and patterns and get really intimate with what makes us tick – and what keeps us stuck – we can start to unravel years of conditioning to write a new money story.

Having done this myself,  it’s allowed me to:

  • Create a reliable, predictable flow of cash into my business so I never have to guess how much money I’ll have next month, no feast or famine cycles here
  • Get really good at selling and closing sales without feeling icky or awkward
  • Value my worth and charge accordingly, knowing my clients are not just willing to pay but excited to exchange their money for the transformation I provide
  • Generate a multi-6 figure annual turnover serving clients that feel like friends

Not too shabby, right!

But this certainly didn’t happen on its own.

It’s not because I’m more ‘confident’, connected or clever than anyone else (though I do acknowledge my privilege AND I have worked bleepin’ hard to get here). But the main reason I can do all of the above is because I’ve done the *inner* work.

Yep, success is ALWAYS an inside job.

Having helped hundreds of women, all over the world...

I’ve learnt that in order to get to the bottom of our blocks, push past pesky limiting beliefs and knock self-doubt on the head, we need to make (not find) time for deeper self-exploration. 

In delving deep and discovering the very roots of our resistance to selling and receiving, we can release what’s no longer serving us (after all, our fear and anxiety is simply our own body’s way of trying to protect us from further harm) and plant new seeds for our personal, financial and business growth.

This is work I’ve been studying personally and with mentors for years and I’m still just getting started!

It’s because true personal growth never ends – but sales calls do.

Let’s make them feel fun, efficient and fruitful.

Got questions?

I’ve got you covered…

When will the calls be held?

The calls are held Monthly during the day for 90 mins.

What if I can’t make the calls live?

No problem. All of the calls will be recorded and you’ll have access to watch those anytime you like. If you can’t make a call and have questions you’d like answered, you’ll be able to submit them prior to our call.

We understand that life is busy and competing demands can make getting to all of the calls tricky, but it is highly recommended to make as many calls as possible as in person connection is always where the true magic happens.

Do I need to be at a certain income level in my business?

Not at all! The more important financial measure is does it feel like an all in yes to work on helping you get booked out and safe with money so that you can show up with confidence and build more personal wealth for yourself.

How much time will I need to get through all the content?

We’ll have monthly coaching calls over the 6 months of the program so there will be 6 calls in total. These calls will go for 90 mins each and all recordings will be available to watch or rewatch. Each week, you will have several 30-45 minute training videos with editable workbooks for you to complete and downloadable resources to get through. That way, Catherine can give you personalised feedback directly onto your very own workbook!

The time you spend each week on consuming the information, implementing the strategy and taking action will vary from person to person. As a rough guide, I suggest setting aside an hour each week to work through the content. However, as with everything in life, the energy and time you put in will reflect what you get out of it. Making time (as opposed to finding time) is important and shows a commitment to your own success. Think about where you want to be in 6 short months and act accordingly.

How many women will be in the program?

Our vision is to call in 15 heart-led business owners. Due to people’s schedule conflicts, the maximum we usually have on a call is around 7 people. This is NOT a large group program where you feel like just another number and don’t receive any personalised guidance, care or support from me. To the contrary, I thrive on connecting and building close relationships with clients and I KNOW this is the *key* to my client’s awesome results.

I'm just getting started in business. Can I still do the program?

You sure can. This program is the perfect introduction to pricing your services right out of the gate and will have you hitting the ground running with confidence and assurance. The added bonus is you’ll be able to meet and connect with other business owners on the group calls (and offline) invaluable at any stage of your entrepreneurial journey but particularly so at the beginning. Please note I don’t, however, delve into the admin or tech side of setting up or running your business, I’m all about the money – attracting it, receiving it, keeping it and investing it.

How is the program delivered?

The program is broken up into 6 modules, delivered to you over 6 months. The weeks in between the live calls are for implementing everything you’ve learned and taking action so you can come back to the next live call and ask questions, share your experience and get support. All of the content is housed in a private online portal, accessible by a unique login you’ll receive when you sign up. When any new content goes live, you’ll be notified by email. The material has lifetime access, which means ‘for the life of the course’.

Sounds great but I’m torn! Can we get on a quick call to chat it out?

Yes, absolutely! This is an investment, but it’s a smart one and I want you to be 100% sure it’s right for you, right now. Click here to submit your application and book your call.

Okay, so there are a few things you can do from here…

You could keep…

…slogging away, spending ages on sales calls…that leave you feeling exhausted and deeply unsure of yourself.

…working nights and weekends, over-delivering to the clients you do have…but never really making much headway – or much money.

…watching other people in your industry get all the clients and attention…while your best efforts continue to be largely overlooked.

And hoping, wishing and praying that your big breakthrough is coming soon.

Or, you could join me and other kind-hearted, service-driven entrepreneurs inside The Energy of Selling™…

…where you’ll learn the secrets of positioning your brand for a steady stream of aligned clients, pricing your offers for profits and peace of mind and building a business that actually supports and fulfils you!


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(without seeming greedy or pushy)

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