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I am here to create more safe space and justice for women.

I am to help one million women become financially resilient, so together we can create a world that’s full of safe, healthy, wealthy women who aren’t afraid to trust their intuition and follow their bliss.

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Honestly, I'm not sure

Don’t worry my love you’re not alone.

Most of us have money trauma to heal before we feel totally ready to embrace and receive significant leaps in our wealth.

I’ve got you covered.

My book and podcast are wonderful places to start your healing journey... but the place you’ll find the most support and transformation is inside the Wealthy Woman School...


For women who are ready to grow their income, profits and wealth

Want more safe space & justice for women?

Me too. Let's help one million women get financially resilient & heal money trauma. Come as you are, you belong here...


Discover your path to abundance: The 9 module program that empowers women to upgrade their relationship with money in order to attract and hold onto more

For women committed to a proven wealth methodology to create and keep more money with more ease

The relationship we have with money is really a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves.

"Catherine knows her stuff not only with the practical aspects of money management but the deeper aspects such our emotional connection to our money stories and mindset. I couldn’t be happier being part of this supportive community, not only is there a wealth of information available to give me insight, guidance and direction on how best to leverage my money there is a help at hand if I have questions too."

- Marina Beech