Why Asking For Help Will Grow Your Wealth

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In this episode of the In Her Financial Shoes podcast, I am talking about financial coaching and why asking for help is so important when it comes to growing your wealth.

Financial education alone is not powerful enough to break the trauma loops that keep you stuck. In order to make long lasting changes the first step is to bring awareness to the limiting beliefs and a financial coach is trained in helping you to make that internal enquiry. They enable you to ask for help.

This is another episode of our #MoneyMoments series and it is going to bring you some top bitesize tips from our favourite full episodes.

Why Asking For Help Will Grow Your Wealth

In this episode:

  • How financial coaching will help you move forward and move away from self sabotaging behaviours
  • Why the problem is also in our inability to ask for help
  • How to use the power of your network for growth
  • Why asking for help will prevent burnout
  • The importance of releasing shame around money


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan