What Money Blocks Are Keeping You Stuck

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On this week’s episode of the In Her Financial Shoes podcast, I am joined by Financial Educator, Martha Lawton. Martha, who was also previously a Financial Advisor, has been helping people understand and use money better for over 15 years.

We will be talking about why willpower can both support and sabotage you when creating more wealth and financial freedom in your life. Martha shares with us her experience with creating awareness of her money blocks and conflicting beliefs, sharing how she went about healing her own relationship with money.

What Money Blocks Are Keeping You Stuck

In this episode:

  • Why bringing awareness to the emotional attachment we have to money can create powerful transformations
  • How money blocks and conflicting beliefs can leave you feeling paralysed
  • The next steps to take after identifying areas that you need to be aware of with your money blocks
  • How automation can help your will power
  • Why removing temptation can remove the need for willpower


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan