What Is Financial Trauma & Why Do We Need To Talk About It?

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In this episode, Catherine is joined by Trauma Specialist, Research Psychologist, Author, Coach and Creator of The Freedom Process, Dr Sarah Woodhouse.

Sarah began her career working in politics and one of her campaigns was working alongside the charity Reprieve. Reprieve is a charity that works to support people who have experienced serious trauma in their lives including some of those who have previously been in Guantanamo Bay. After Sarah’s therapist suggested that occurrences in her own personal life were triggered by a trauma, she became fixated on understanding how trauma can be different for different people by retraining as Research Psychologist specialising in trauma.

This week, Catherine is exploring more around trauma and the impact that it can have with the relationship that we have with ourselves and with money. Trauma is different for everyone and what one person considers a traumatic experience, may not be perceived as a threat by someone else.

Trauma is all about repetition and a trauma loop is the process in which our mind and body responds to a trigger in order to protect us and keep us safe. If we find the repetition, we can find the trauma and then we can heel the root cause rather than just doing the surface work.

What Is Financial Trauma & Why Do We Need To Talk About It?

In this episode:

  • What is trauma and why do we need to talk about it?
  • How important it is to be comfortable to be able to feel what we perceive are negative emotions?
  • How to differentiate between triggered responses or grounded responses.
  • Tools that you can use to help you free yourself from trauma when you identify a repeating behaviour or response.
  • Why the power of pausing and breathing is so powerful.


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