What is Financial Trauma?

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On the In Her Financial Shoes podcast we talk a lot about the emotions that come up for us around money. In this episode, I really wanted to get stuck into what is financial trauma, what does financial trauma mean, and how do we identify financial trauma?

Over the course of the next few episodes I will be sharing some practical solutions and some questions you can ask yourself to help you get really curious about ‘is my mindset impacting my relationship with money’ and stopping you from getting to the next level of wealth creation.

What is Financial Trauma

In this episode:

  • Why trauma isn’t just the ‘big stuff’
  • Trauma occurs when we feel unable to process any event
  • The importance of the fight, flight, or freeze responses, & a 4th response no one else talks about
  • How do we know if we have money trauma?
  • How to unlock opportunities for growth by examining our money traumas


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