Making Money In Alignment With Numerology Using The 9 Year Cycle With Jo Soley 

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In this episode of the It’s Not About The Money podcast (formerly the In Her Financial Shoes podcast) I am joined by the beautiful Jo Soley, business coach, strategist and Founder of Bizology®. Together we are going to explore how to make more money using Numerology and your 9 year cycle.

Numerology is an ancient practice that, when applied to business, can unlock our unique blueprint for success both in business and in life. My Life Path number is 22 – the architect of change. I am here to do big things and create big change in the world.

Today we are going to look at how numerology can help you make more money and more impact in the world. By working in alignment with the energy that you have within you, you will take your journey to wealth to the next level.

Making Money In Alignment With Numerology Using The 9 Year Cycle With Jo Soley 

In this episode:

  • What is numerology and Bizology®
  • Why you need to incorporate numerology into your business strategy
  • How your 9 year cycle can show you an easier path in business
  • Why your personal years are important when it comes to making money
  • How to work with your personal year for growth


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan