How You Can Overcome Extreme Trauma and Still Thrive

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This week on the In Her Financial Shoes Podcast, I am joined by Rachel Watkyn. Rachel is the most successful contestant to date from the UK BBC series Dragon’s Den. A very successful business owner, Rachel shares her story and we dig deeper into how you can stay resilient and overcome extreme trauma to still go on and thrive.

After spending time in Sierra Leone and experiencing her own level of feast in famine as a child, Rachel set about building a sustainable fair trade business that gave back to those in need. Join us as we discuss how financial and money trauma has an impact on the decisions we make in life and our relationship with money.

How You Can Overcome Extreme Trauma and Still Thrive

In this episode:

  • Using your challenges for positive change
  • Why money is only a tool for freedom and won’t bring happiness
  • Ways to overcome negativity from others in your journey
  • How to manage the chimp on your shoulder when imposter syndrome hits
  • The damage that over giving causes to others


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan