How to Work Out Your Financial Freedom Number

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In this episode of It’s Not About The Money podcast (formerly the In Her Financial Shoes podcast) I want to dive into how to work out your financial freedom number. 

Your financial freedom number is not the goal, it’s about creating and finding and knowing what is the first milestone and how to reach it. So that you can create more financial freedom and more financial independence.

Financial freedom can mean different things to different people. A lot of people say they want financial freedom, but actually what they’re looking for is just more time. And so the way that we value our time is way more important than actually the amount of money we have in our bank account.

How to Work Out Your Financial Freedom Number

In this episode:

  • What does financial freedom mean to you?
  • How to work out your financial freedom number
  • The impact of changing your spending habits
  • What is your financial vitality number


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