How to Stop Self-Sabotaging to Make More Money

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In this episode of It’s Not About The Money podcast (formerly the In Her Financial Shoes podcast) I cover how to stop self sabotaging in order to make more money.

The reason that we self-sabotage is because it feels safer for us to procrastinate, say no, and not get visible. All of these behaviours I talk about come from a place of safety. And so the aim of self-sabotaging behaviours is not to remove them, the aim is just to recognise them.

How to Stop Self-Sabotaging to Make More Money

In this episode, I cover:

  • What are the biggest self-sabotaging behaviours
  • How to recognise when you’re self-sabotaging
  • How to clear the negative emotions that come up
  • What you can do differently
  • How to create consistency and stability in your business


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan