How To Start A Pension For A Child

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This week on the In Her Financial Shoes podcast, I am exploring how you can make how you can make your child a mini-millionaire with the use of pension investments for children.

In 2017, Age UK conducted some research that showed 74% of people rely on the state pension for their sole income in retirement. A report conducted by 7IM showed that most people rely on a lottery win to ensure their comfort on retirement.

Pensions are a topic very close to my heart and after changes in pension legislation in the early 2000s, access to pensions is a lot more flexible, making it a better consideration for investment. It is hard for children to understand why they need to think about the future so join me today and find out how we can set them up for retirement from birth.

How To Start A Pension For A Child

In this episode:

  • The
  • How to set up and start a pension for a child
  • Why we need to take one step today to make your child a multi-millionaire by the time they reach retirement age
  • Busting myths and self-limiting beliefs around pensions
  • Why pensions are not just a retirement vehicle but can also be used to start investing and utilising the compound effect to grow long-term sustainable wealth
  • The benefits of helping children understand investments from a young age


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan