How to Manage Your Team Based on Their Money StoryType®

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In this episode of the In Her Financial Shoes podcast, I am going to be sharing some top tips on how you can manage your team based on their own Money StoryTypes®.

Our Money StoryType® profiles can give you great insight in how you can best reward your team – both at work and at home – so that everyone can feel a sense of accomplishment in a way that makes them also feel rewarded for their contribution. 

Everyone has their own relationship with money and by using your team’s individual Money StoryTypes® you can be sure that each member of your team will feel valued while enabling you to work collectively to make more and keep more money in the business.

How to Manage Your Team Based on Their Money StoryType®

In this episode:

  • What is your team’s relationship with money
  • Tips for how you can reward your team based on their individual Money StoryType®
  • Asking the team how they feel valued when it comes to money
  • Creating a bonus scheme or reward package that can be tailored to individual team members
  • Why rewarding people in a way that is valuable to them will improve your profit margin


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan