How Feminine Energy Helps Attract More Love and Money

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In this episode I am joined by leading international dating and relationship expert, Sami Wunder. Join us as we talk about how feminine energy and embodiment really helps us to attract more love and money into our lives.

Making money has traditionally come from a place of very high masculine energy. If you wanted more money, you had to work harder. In shifting my energy to more of a feminine energy, I have been able to focus on the end result to my clients rather than on the money. My relationship with money has therefore experienced a shift as I step more into a balanced energy.

If we want change and to make changes that last, we need to step into a place of trust and give ourselves time and space to allow it to happen.

How Feminine Energy Helps Attract More Love and Money

In this episode:

  • What is feminine energy
  • Getting the correct balance between feminine and masculine energy
  • How to change your relationship with money by balancing your energy
  • Why we hold fear around vulnerability


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan