8 Ways to Make Your Business More Profitable

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In this insightful episode of It’s Not About The Money podcast (formerly the In Her Financial Shoes podcast) I share my personal reflections and eight strategic tips to enhance profitability in your business for the upcoming year, 2024. 

Drawing from my experiences and lessons learned in my numerology nine year, I delve into practical and transformative strategies that focus not just on increasing revenue but also on effective money management, prioritising joy, and ensuring sustainability in business growth.

8 Ways to Make Your Business More Profitable

In this episode:

  • Mastering Money Management:
  • Focusing on Profitable Products
  • Valuing Existing Customer Relationships
  • Addressing Trauma Response Money Behaviours
  • Prioritising Time as a CEO
  • Conscious Language Use
  • Creating Premium Level Services
  • Legal Protection for Your Business


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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan