7 Tips to Build Low Self Confidence in Online Business

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Show Notes

7 Top Tips to Improve Low Self Confidence in Online Business

  • Reach out to your network. Make sure you have people you can call upon when your self confidence is low, especially women in business who just get it!
  • Remember your why. When you’re feeling that fear of putting yourself out there or being visible, remember why you started your business and why its success is important to you.
  • Be vulnerable! When you’re feeling vulnerable, share that with your audience. The likelihood is that they feel the same and will connect with you on a deeper level.
  • Avoid comparison. Comparing yourself to who you where yesterday and avoid comparing yourself to others. The only comparison that matters is to your past self.
  • Thank your boss. If you’re in a 9 to 5 and struggling with growing your business on the side, instead of hating the job you have think of your current boss as your angel investor. Your boss (or company) are paying you a salary right now that is enabling you to live while you build your business. Re-frame that negative feeling.
  • Be careful with your language. Think about the things you tell yourself; if you’re telling yourself you have a block, or you can’t go live because you have a spot, then those negatives will rule you. So be careful about the language you use. What we think becomes what we say, and what we say becomes what we do.
7 Tips to Build Self Confidence in Online Business; show notes, useful links, and resources from the podcast by Catherine Morgan.
  • Forget other’s expectations. Often we strive to do things that we know will make a parent, friend, or spouse proud. But by focusing on other’s expectations of us, we will always be disappointed. Other’s expectations of us are often very different from our own expectations and desires.

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7 Tips to Build Low Self Confidence in Online Business

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