Kite Terms of Service

Thank you so much for deciding to join us for Kite Mastermind.

The Mastermind is focused on helping you deserve, create and grow wealth and your business.


We will work together with a commitment of the below:

1-1 Mentoring Sessions

  • 2 x 60 minute 1-1 financial strategy sessions to take place on zoom.

Group Mastermind Sessions

  • Fortnightly Content, Connection, Collaboration calls for 6 months lasting 90 minutes. This will take place on zoom. Every session will be recorded in case of non-attendance and put into the portal area. Dates and times tbc.

  • Monthly Tech Clinic (60 mins) with my Tech Operations Manager covering outsourcing and tech support

Group Full Day Sessions

  • Two full day sessions over the 6 month Mastermind.  Dates will be given in advanced but no alternative can be given if the dates cannot be attended by you. We will make every endeavour to schedule the date for when the most amount of people can attend. Where possible we will video the sessions. If you join after the days have happened, you will have access to the recordings of these trainings.

  • We may decide as a group to meet face to face. If the meet ups are not possible due to Covid-19 these will be replaced with online sessions.

Financial Plan 

  • A 1:1 Personalised Financial Plan with a Qualified Financial Planner

  • We are not responsible for any financial advice given to you by this third party. Any additional services required such as the implementation of any other financial products or review of existing pensions, these are to be organised with the Financial Planner directly and at an additional cost.

We will bring ourselves free from distractions to every session and will always do our best to accommodate times that suit you. We respectfully ask that you also bring yourself to the sessions free from any distractions.

You will attend as many mastermind sessions as you can and watch the recordings of any you cannot make.

To make a personal commitment to share your weekly check-ins with the other masterminds.


  • A full library of resources at your fingertips (Trainings on increasing your visibility, income, wealth, planning and organising money, content planning, setting up profit first + more)
  • Access to Trello boards library (Launching, Planning, How to maximise your social media accounts, outsourcing and lots more)
  • Financial Tracker for you to forecast your revenue for the year
  • With the exception of the fortnightly recordings, you will only have access to the templates, downloads and additional resources for as long as you are an active member of Kite. You will not be able to access these if you leave the mastermind.


·        If you decide to take up the offer of a payment plan you will be paying over the agreed monthly period for the entire mastermind as a courtesy.

·        It is important that you understand this is a payment plan NOT a pay as you go mastermind. The entire mastermind amount will be due whether you decide to continue with the mastermind at any point or not.

·        Once a payment is missed, the entire amount due (£8000 +VAT) becomes due immediately.

·        All sessions/payments are non-refundable.


  • Other than in our 1-1 sessions we welcome questions in the private facebook group which you will be given access to on commencement of the mastermind once payment has been made.


  • We are entering into a coaching relationship and there is not, or will there ever be, any kind of psychological counselling. This Mastermind is not a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care. At anytime, If you feel emotionally triggered to the point that it feels out of your control, please seek the help you need in the form of a professional therapist.


·        An important part of the coaching relationship is the coach’s role in finding challenges and encouraging the client to push herself. We want to provide you with the support you need and believe that honesty and trust is critical for our relationship to grow. We want this to be an open and safe place for you to come with confidence.


You recognise that we will always have your best interests at heart and that with hard work and an open mind you can make life-changing strides in your goals. However, as with anything in life, there are no guarantees and your success is dependent upon your effort outside of coaching as well so no guarantees are being made.


  • You recognise that in the course of our work together you may divulge goals, future plans, business affairs, personal and private information. We will not at any time, either directly or indirectly, voluntarily use any such information for my own benefit or disclose it to a third party.

  • We will not disclose that we are in a coaching relationship without your permission.

  • You will not hold back information and you also agree to keep anything you read/hear in the mastermind confidential.

I have read and agree to the points above and will honour them during our coaching relationship. I am committed to giving this my all.

Once the terms are agreed to and payment made, you will in time receive a list of dates for the group sessions and also an invite to the facebook group. We will also be in touch to schedule in your 1-1 session and your financial planning meeting.

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