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Free yourself from negative beliefs, help you focus on establishing responsible financial behaviours and on your path to financial independence

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3 areas of focus - practical steps, emotional support and behavioural changes

imagine your life...

... when you knew exactly what was coming in and out of your bank accounts each month.

... when thinking about those ins and outs didn't give you a solid lump in your throat and break you out in sweats!

... when you had a clear, simple, actionable plan in place to clear off those debts... and it didn't leave you bankrupt!

... when you sat on a Sunday morning over a cuppa and a biccie (Custard Creams are the best dunkers, #justsaying) and actually enjoyed having your quick weekly financial check-in.

... when you felt secure in your future financial stability

... when you think differently, feel different and are taking the next steps towards financial independence

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Immediate Access - the towards strong financial foundations

TMC Money Success Mock

Personal and Business Finance Topics

A spending plan template - Give every £ a purpose

Video course on 'Pensions made simple'

Get Financially Organised - Digital Financial Vault to organise your financial details

Master your money mindset & understand your relationship with money

How to implement Profit First to pay yourself more

How to get started investing with just £1




Explore your relationship with money with audio downloads, templates, and lessons

EXCLUSIVE access to all our 5 Day challenge replays

EXCLUSIVE access to replay of the 5 day 'Increase your Self Worth & Net Worth' challenge


TMC Dash Mock

It's time to bring money conversations out of the closet


Why I am the best person to help you?

I am a multi-award winning qualified financial planner, on a mission to change the financial services industry from one of complicated financial products to one that helps educate in simple language with no financial jargon (and no suits!).

I help women to identify their money habits, looking after your financial wellbeing when you’re going through emotional turmoil such as divorce or redundancy, budgeting, money management, financial planning for the future and investing.

I’m on a real mission to encourage women like you to address those taboo subjects around money and explore the emotional and practical sides of money, rather than just focusing on financial products.

Small steps, big wins, let's go!

What do I get?

grab a new money success kit every month

Private Exclusive Community

Where connection matters for accountability

Access the Private Exclusive Money Circle ® community, where you'll find a community of like minded women just like you ready to support and encourage you.

Monthly Guest Experts Workshops

All recorded - watch anytime

Monthly live Financial Goal setting sessions with Catherine (in your PJ's!)

Monthly training from our panel of experts - covering financial wellbeing, business and personal topics.


Some examples...


Brand & Website Masterclass: What makes a website great and the anatomy of a sales page

How to stay a calm parent

How to create a Vision board to hit your financial goals

How numerology can elevate your business and wealth

Loving your business money - Sole traders Vs Ltd company, book keeping and VAT

Personal Fitness 5 Day Shred challenge - Take care of your health as much as your wealth

Imposter Syndrome - Confidence Hypnosis track & Visibility checklist

How to get started investing with just £1

Monthly Money Success Kits

Practical tools to help you create strong foundations

A brand new money success kit delivered to your inbox every month, and access to all previous money success kits

Weekly Live Ask Me Anything Sessions

Maintain your new proactive financial identity

Held within the exclusive community, access weekly accountability sessions and Ask Me Anything Live with Catherine every Monday

Member Directory & Trusted Circle

Make connections

Access to an exclusive members directory giving you the ability to connect with others and if you are in business to promote your business and services.

Access to the Trusted Circle - a bespoke circle of tried, tested, and trusted services that we love PLUS exclusive member offers and benefits!

A multi award winning qualified financial expert in your pocket 24/7


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Catherine Morgan - Multi-Award Winning Qualified financial planner & money coach

We are closed for new members right now. Join the waiting list to be the first to know when we open the doors for our next intake!

Member feedback


Michelle Short

Founding Member

The Money Circle has helped me to find simple easy ways to save money and create a treat pot for those little treats instead of worrying about money... It's a valuable membership which not only supports financial decisions but also a friendly community.

Marion Ellis

Marion Ellis

Founding Member

For me it's been about support and motivation. Small steps, big wins, lasting change 🙂



Founding Member

It's helped me realise that I'm not alone. It's introduced me to the idea of pots for saving and has really made me think about my money mindset.

Catherine Kelly

Catherine Kelly

Founding Member

Kick in the pants to get organised. Giving me the inspiration to do the things that I have been thinking about for 10 years!

Beverley Futia

Beverley Futia

Founding Member

Enlightening regarding my emotional relationship with money and a little bit scary now that I've realised how much I waste! It's a very nice cleansing feeling getting on top of life admin.


Laura Moss

April 2019

For the first time in my life, I can say I do feel in control...

kerry lewis

Kerry Lewis

June 2019

I am such a different person, I think about money and spending differently. I am in charge of my money, it's not in charge of me.

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We are closed for new members right now. Join the waiting list to be the first to know when we open the doors for our next intake!

Sarah Annis

I feel quite buzzy!! My desk and dining room table are covered in notes and plans and ideas and I've been talking to my husband and kids about getting involved with planning. I think you're an inspiration and love what you are doing. I'm really happy to have joined the circle and to keep this energy going!!

Jo White

I am in my second consecutive month of saving $100 and putting away birthday and unforeseen expenses amounts away. I have my PayPal spends down from heaps to just 3. My home and food expenses have been halved and I made $1.60 from returning recyclable bottles (first money I have earned for myself in 20 years!)

Leah Trueman

You are flipping amazing! I had to be honest not just with me but my husband about the trouble I was in financially. He thinks you're flipping amazing too. Thank you for providing this platform. I can't speak for others but you've had a massive impact on me.



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

No, You can cancel any time!

If you are on an annual plan and choose to cancel, your membership will remain valid until the end of the current 12 months that you have already paid for.

If you are a monthly plan member, your membership will remain valid until your usual renewal/payment date.

The price you pay today is the price you pay forever as long as you don't cancel your membership. If you cancel and re-join, you will pay the most up to date price. 

The Money Circle is for women who want simple, unbiased, easy to understand and implement strategies to create and stick to powerful financial plans and goals. The membership is for women who want to feel empowered about money, and want to switch their negative emotions around money to a feeling of abundance and security. Whether your goal is to simply gain more control over your day to day spending or to learn how to start investing in simple steps, there will be something for you.

Your payment will be due on the day that you join the membership, and thereafter on the same date either monthly or annually.

For example, if you are a monthly member and you join on July 5th, your payment date will be on or after the 5th of every month.

If you are an annual member and join on the July 5th, your payment date will be on or after July 5th every year.

No. We do not take payments via Direct Debit. The payment portal that we use (Stripe) sets up recurring card payments. This means that your membership transactions will show on your online banking statement/app or paper statement as a card purchase each month/year.

All membership payments will display on your statements or app with the description 'The Money Panel'.

Content will be delivered in various different medium, including pre-recorded video, printable/digital worksheets, live group video calls, and Facebook live video.

The majority of content will be uploaded directly to your personal membership dashboard. Within the dashboard you will be able to access all videos, worksheets & printables, and replays of previous group calls.

You will be able to watch any Facebook live calls via the private group - simply open the group on your device, select the 'videos' tab, and choose the video you'd like to watch on catch up.

All our guest expert sessions and live group calls will be recorded and uploaded to your membership dashboard for you to watch if you can't make it live, or would like to watch any of the sessions back.

All Facebook live calls are available on replay via the private Facebook group.

Each month a Money Success Kit will be added to your membership dashboard. Money Success Kits will be themed in one of 3 key areas; Financial Past, Financial Present, or Financial Future. The success kits could include, for example, digital worksheets or workbooks, video training, tasks to complete, and more.

In addition to the Money Success Kits, we will also deliver live guest expert sessions every month. These live sessions will be recorded and uploaded to your membership dashboard to watch on catch up if you cannot make the session live.

There will be weekly live accountability calls within the Facebook group, as well as accountability threads and much more.

You will have access to meet ups with other circle members.

You will be able to upload your own profile details in the membership area when you join with links to your social media pages, websites and contact details. 

There is a Trusted circle area with offers, discounts and reviews. 

Content will be very much member led, so feel free to ask for what you need!

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