The podcast is for women, including female entrepreneurs, to learn personal and business finance, money mindset & practical money management tips to be financially confident.

in her financial


The In Her Financial Shoes podcast helps you to get in control of money, gain financial confidence, learn how to invest and save money.

Hosted by a qualified financial planner & financial money coach. A must listen to for fans of Denise Duffield-Thomas, Pete Matthew, Money to the Masses, Dave Ramsey & Rob Moore.

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Episode 109

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Episode 87

Episode 84

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"Needed to hear this! I started learning more about my finances during lockdown, Catherine explains things in such an amazing way! I LOVE the way she makes sense of and talks about money!"

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Episode 75

Episode 55

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Episode 47

"Game changer! I found your podcast during lockdown and have stayed a loyal listener! From the little or big things that I’ve learnt or understood more it’s made such a difference! Thank you so much!"

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Episode 25

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