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The In Her Financial Shoes podcast helps you to get in control of money, gain financial confidence, learn how to invest and save money.

Hosted by a qualified financial planner & financial money coach. A must listen to for fans of Denise Duffield-Thomas, Pete Matthew, Money to the Masses, Dave Ramsey & Rob Moore.

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"Needed to hear this! I started learning more about my finances during lockdown, Catherine explains things in such an amazing way! I LOVE the way she makes sense of and talks about money!"

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Your Best Financial Year Yet: Step 3

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How Astrology Can Help Us Reach Our Full Potential with Money

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Your Best Financial Year Yet: Step 2

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Your Best Financial Year Yet: Step 1

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How to Expand Your Vision: Get Clarity, Confidence, & Abundance

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How to Start an Online Business While Still in Your 9 to 5 Job.

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7 Tips to Build Low Self Confidence in Online Business

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The Importance of Small Business Brand Strategy with Deborah O’Grady

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5 Ways to Make Better Financial Decisions

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Why You Should Use the Profit First Model in Your Small Business

"Game changer! I found your podcast during lockdown and have stayed a loyal listener! From the little or big things that I’ve learnt or understood more it’s made such a difference! Thank you so much!"

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