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You want to implement an easy practical step by step money management system

You can't manage your emotional relationship with money

You constantly feel like you never have enough money?

You want to reduce your stress levels about money

You feel stuck and want to get responsible with money

4 Simple Steps to take back control


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By the end, you will have...

Learnt my step by step system to get in control with money

Created a spending Plan, created money pots and be in total control

Have a debt plan in place to be debt free & stop the cycle

Be in a place of stability & security with money

Be more comfortable about your finances

Have complete clarity with where to store your money

Maintain momentum and create new habits with my 15 minute per week formula

Learn my signature 4 step by step system

How does the 4 step course work?

Videos, workbooks and templates available instantly

Work through the steps at your own pace

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Money is now something I feel excited about and empowered by. I am finally in charge of my finances and able to use money to improve my life, it is no longer a source of stress and confusion and that is the biggest relief.

Sandra Clarke

Course Member


Your 4 step Course Curriculum

Step 1 - Manage the emotions, beliefs & thoughts

Lesson 1 - Understand where your money beliefs come from

Lesson 2 - Rewrite your money story

Lesson 3 - Learn how to create strong financial habits for life

Step 2 - Awareness

Lesson 1 - Get financially naked - where is your money, where to keep it and how to track it

Lesson 2 - Give every £ a purpose - Create perfect balance between saving, spending and investing.

Lesson 3 - Throw the budget plan out the window and learn the practical steps to create a spending plan (no nasty spreadsheets!) or use an app to help you make managing money easy

Step 3 - Create strong Financial Foundations

Lesson 1 - Always have money available - How to set up your money pots for expected and unexpected costs

Lesson 2 - Learn the 4 steps to pay off debt fast and stop repeating the cycle

Lesson 3 - Creating strong financial foundations - Learn the practical steps to be in a place of safety and security to start building wealth

Step 4 - Maintain Momentum

Lesson 1 - Setting & planning financial foundations for safety and security

Lesson 2 - How to make difficult conversations with your partner easier

Lesson 3 - The 15 minute habit - Continuing strong habits for momentum and lifelong financial security


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Catherine Morgan is a multi-award winning qualified financial adviser and money coach, on a mission to change the financial services industry from one of complicated financial products to one that helps educate in simple language with no financial jargon (and no suits!).

Featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Good Housekeeping and more.

In 2019 she won a Highly commended award for ‘Role Model of the year’ 2019. In 2018 and again in 2019, her Money podcast was nominated as a finalist for UK Money Blogger SHOMO award for Best Money Podcast... this is now an official Podcast called ‘In Her Financial Shoes’ on iTunes & Spotify and reached number 7 on launch in the investing charts. 

In 2019 she won 'best new business' for the National Business Women Awards.

One thing Catherine is passionate about is getting people talking about money. Money can be a very isolating subject; someone might have had a bad experience that’s left them fearful about money, so they bury their head and don’t deal with it. Someone might feel ashamed or embarrassed that they’ve got themselves into a difficult financial situation.

She herself has paid off almost £50k of debt and grown her business to multi semi passive income streams with over £100k of sales in the last 12 months.

What Laura had to say

"When I worked with Catherine, we went deep into my why, my relationship with money and where I want to be. Catherine has helped me to stay focused, setting intentions/goals and I am now feeling more in control, focused and aware of my spending habits. Best investment to help me financially forever."


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What Katie had to say

"I was utterly fed up with my personal money management, constantly feeling that I never have enough money. I have started to think positively around money, wealth and abundance. I am organising my finances in a way I never have before. I have become more educated and am feeling more confident around money. I have already set up money management systems and have recognised my limiting beliefs around money.Her approach is relaxed, calm, realistic and genuine. She takes time to answers questions, explains things in simple terms and creates a very positive and can do attitude and is extremely knowledgeable (an expert), articulate and engaging. There is so much more to gain from joining than just money and finance. It’s got me thinking about other possibilities in life, my career, relationships and opening my mind, and I feel very excited and motivated as a result."

Katie Boxer


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Work at a pace that suits you

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I have stood in your shoes

I lived my 20's in my overdraft and with almost £50k of debt. Living from one month to the next with no savings. Feeling alone, guilty and full of shame. My self worth and my net worth were low. In just a short period, I cleared my overdraft, changed my beliefs and behaviours with money and set up my own business which now serves hundreds of women and generated £100k of income in the last 12 months. I now live a life which is debt free, have money in my security pot and live life on my terms.


What Kerry had to say

I am such a different person. I think about money and spending differently. I am now in charge of money, it's not in charge of me.

Kerry Lewis June 2019

kerry lewis



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