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I am a multi-award winning qualified financial planner, Financial Coach, Trauma of Money Method Practitioner, and Financial Abuse Specialist to name just a few!

I'm on a mission to change the financial services industry from one of complicated financial products to one that helps educate in simple language with no financial jargon (and no suits!).


For the first time ever in my life, I can say I do feel in control.


Laura Moss, April 2019

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My Promise to you.

I equip women to manage their own money and manage the emotions and behaviours that can prevent us from moving from intention to action.

In order to create financial resiliency and financial freedom, I believe we have to have two things; a financial plan, and the right financial behaviours to make that plan stick!

I am a qualified financial adviser, and I use my expertise to develop simple yet powerful plans to help manage money through practical money coaching, but also the emotions and our behaviours around money.

My promise to you is that however we work together, giving you exactly the tools you need to succeed will always be my driving goal.

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