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Do you:

Bury your head in the sand

Have an emotional relationship with money?

Want to get grown up about money?

What results will I get?

Identify what money blocks are getting in your way of making & saving you more money

Get in control of your money

Make money conversations at home easier

Rewrite your money story

Find your biggest money leaks that are burning a hole in your purse

Reframe your negative money messages into positive affirmations

Master those demons and inner critics that tell you, you aren't good with money

Understand who you need in your boat to support your financial journey

Get clear on your financial past, present and future

How does the challenge work?

5 Days of Live training in Facebook every morning for 5 days

5 Days of Live Q&A on Facebook every evening with Catherine (in your pjs!)

Discover your money habits and spending habits

FREE Spending Plan Download

Final day money pyjama party to celebrate your wins!


What our previous challenge audience say about it

Having completed the challenge, I am in my second consecutive month of saving $100.00 and putting away birthday and unforeseen expenses amounts away. I have my paypal spends down to just 3. My home and food expenses have been halved. I cannot thank you enough for revolutionising my life. 

Jo White

July 2019
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