Plug Your Money Leaks Mini Course for Women

it's time to see the bigger picture

So often it is our unconscious beliefs about money that hold us back. The thought, beliefs and emotions we attach to money, or perhaps more importantly, to making money. These beliefs we have grown up with may not even be true. (Imagine that, things we learnt in our childhood that aren’t true!)


Is too much money a bad thing?

Is not enough money a bad thing?

Is it greedy to want more?


At the end of every month, you wonder where all the money went. And I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN identify where and WHY it's going, YOU CAN make the change, and YOU CAN make that change stick!


do you

Bury Your head in the sand?

Have an emotional relationship with money?

Treat money as something to shove to the back of the closet?

Want practical steps, emotional support, & behavioural changes?

be like jo...


"Having completed the challenge, I am in my second consecutive month of saving $100.00 and putting away birthday and unforeseen expenses amounts away. I have my Paypal spends down to just 3. My home and food expenses have been halved. I cannot thank you enough for revolutionising my life."

Jo White

July 2019

where's it all going?!

We've all been there: it's approaching the end of the month and you can't work out where all your money has gone.

Maybe you were sure you had enough at the beginning of the month, or maybe you even expected to have money 'left over'.

And as you think back over the month, you can't work out where it has all gone.


you can

Stop feeling overwhelmed by the money task ahead of you

Re-shape and actually change those inbuilt money blocks you have just accepted and never challenged over the years.

Learn how to manage your money so there is always enough left at the end of the month for fun stuff (without feeling guilty!)

Release the feelings of guilt, shame, judgement, of not being good enough.

We think a lot about our 'budgets' and how we can restrict our money and restrict our spending.

We try to be 'good' with money. No spend weeks, no spend months, save a penny a day for a year - I'm sure you've heard of all of these!

Yet somehow no matter how hard we try, none of it sticks. Instead at the end of the month, you're left berating yourself for being so 'bad' with money while you've got your fingers in that penny a day jar.



what if i told you

In order to create new positive money behaviours we need to feel comfortable with our financial past before we can start to create our financial future.

What results will I get?

Identify what money blocks are getting in your way of making & saving you more money

Get in control of your money

Make money conversations at home easier

Rewrite your money story

Find your biggest money leaks that are burning a hole in your purse

Reframe your negative money messages into positive affirmations

Master those demons and inner critics that tell you, you aren't good with money

Understand who you need in your boat to support your financial journey

Get clear on your financial past, present and future

How does the mini-course work?

Access 10+ videos immediately

Designed to be worked through over 5 Days, but YOU set the pace that is right for you!

Discover your money habits and spending habits

FREE Spending Plan Download

Final day money pyjama party to celebrate your wins!

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Included with the challenge is our Get Financially Naked Spending Planner


Yours to keep
Spending PLan Mockup

Access the spending planner immediately

Use with Microsoft Excel, Excel Online, or Google Sheets

Plan both personal and business spending all in one place!

Create positive habits that stick!


The Official Plug Your Money Leaks Companion Journal



The perfect companion to the challenge, the official 25+ page journal includes everything you need to achieve amazing results from the challenge.

Lifetime Access

Get Started Immediately

Download & print your companion journal immediately

Access anywhere

Journaling helps you work through uncertainty

Create positive habits that stick!

PYML testimonials

Led by a Multi-Award Winning Qualified Financial Planner and Coach.

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Hi, I'm Catherine

A multi-award winning qualified financial planner, on a mission to change the financial services industry from one of complicated financial products to one that helps educate in simple language with no financial jargon (and no suits!).

Manage the emotions then manage the money.


I’m on a real mission to encourage women to address those taboo subjects around money and explore the emotional and practical sides of money, rather than just focusing on financial products.

Plug Your Money Leaks Mini-Course

  • Access 10+ videos immediately
  • Designed to be worked through over 5 Days, BUT...
  • Set the pace that is right for you with lifetime access!
  • Discover your money habits and spending habits
  • FREE Spending Plan Download
  • Final day money pyjama party to celebrate your wins!

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